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Choreographic show(entertainment) within the framework of the suburb of the creators in Strasbourg:
- October 03rd, 2015.

Mysterious, aquatic and poetic...
Live the night poetry...

Sonia Bossière is the founder of the company

Dancer, choreographer, Professor of dance/ educational participant(speaker), scenographer. >>> Show more

Sonia BOISSIÈRE Sonia BOISSIÈRE artist Choreographer and director been born In La Rochelle (French), of Franco- Indian- Malagasy origins.
The beating of the music and its vibrations brings him to the dance as a celebration In the life a certain faith.
His instincts, his origins and his codes are filled with history and with tradition and left inherent of the fact that she is, in search of this ancestral side, of the origin of what we are, of what we create.
His choreographic work is the mirror of its past, marked history(story) and reflection of its scenography, compound of his own personality.
Since the childhood, she is fed by this energy and by these sensations, instinctive, animal.
Sonia is in constant search for overtakings, for new possibilities of using her body in the space and through her travels(movements).

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The Accomplices:

Bruno PiILLON: Creator and manager light / technical Direction sound and light. >>> Show more

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Patrick DIDIER: Author/Song writer >>> Show more

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