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Choreographic show(entertainment) within the framework of the suburb of the creators in Strasbourg:
- October 03rd, 2015.

Mysterious, aquatic and poetic...
Live the night poetry...

The Company:

Compagnie Deux Scènes en CorpsThe name Company "Deux (2) Scènes en Corps" is the translation related to techniques of scenography (the decor) and staged by the body.
Based on dance movements.

The roots are:
-The idea is to share the scene with different temporary actors from diverse backgrounds.
- build links and artistic exchanges to achieve an emulsion and a magical creativity.
- Inclined to infuse new interdisciplinary forms.

The bodies are in search of movement in space, by artists, often in weightlessness, always on the wire of equilibrium ,constantly querying, to make the show the most innovative as possible
The company likes to upset the usual, creating a scene of deflection and direction in space.
It calls for imagination and representation to bring each and everyone in the world of dreams and wonders.
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The proposed travel is materialized by the use of spheres, aerial fabrics,harnesses, various structures of sets and or human hooked up where object elements and hangers are diverted.
The work composed is in constant evolution.

The shows and performances can be:
- On scene.
- On the street.
- for a staged urban scene or in the open air.
- indoors and outdoors.
- for a broad audience that can be many, that both intimate or private.

The company likes to bond with the locations and architecture-related facilities show (large or small), and in particular events (Sound and Light / historical, festivals, inaugural evenings and promotional...
The company weavess and built around it a conductor wire between dance and circus, the world of the scenography and the body in action, in motion.
The company is working on various bodily techniques sharing contemporary dances, the arts and the techniques sometimes martial as well as acrobatic, falling under various techniques Circassian.

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Everything starts with enthusiasm obtained by dancing and the desire to create ...

Sonia BOISSIERE is a modern choreographer and Circassian.
She elaborates a piece of work, where multiple paths involving dance and theater intersect.
The fancies of its dreams interpreted in hybrid stage work,bright and positive.

Dancing to bring still further movements, a certain composition, style, energy...
The Circus, for more games, flight and acrobatics, and some techniques borrowed from pantomimes are highlighted.

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The part of the show involving the musical composition is studied in collaboration with the imagination of the composer Mr Patrick DIDIER. The music is there to support artists, movement and rhythm to the show in its entirety...
The lighting is worked as much as possible with the latest technical innovations.The lighting is made to accompany the bodies in their dance movements and to enliven the stage.
The video imagery and stage lights are present and studied in a contemporary way to celebrate, argue or shake the stage work.
Body fluxes in the presented materials, The scenography is suggested and / or forced to decorations, with imposed or chosen drawings/settings.
A frequently changing space in research, in a composite character, hybrid and free.
Exacerbated by the dramatic potential associated with each technique of dance and circus that is the heart of her work.
The choice of performers and their different professional backgrounds is part of the offered visual game.

Since Sonia develops her own techniques by sharing them with the various artists who surround her during the course of her creations.
Her work is borrowed by a taste of the African tribal, lulled by its origins, of a certain animal- humanity, intimacy in echo to its roots.
She questions the world around us, melted in an offbeat universe where space-time is out of balance because of transfigured perceptions.

The company, the vehicle of reflection, work in the representation of sharing, of cultural and societal tiredness, our stresses, anxieties and our socio- cultural issues, political, present ethos for our future.
Influenced by the stories of our past to our days, providing a look into the man of yesterday as that of tomorrow, inscribed in their present and their environments close or distant.
The timelessness of places there is conceptualized in the real or the unreal, mingled with the rhythms of the spirits and body rattling around.

The process of implementation of projects can sometimes be without measure and limit of the research for the creation.
Architectural space within is important, transformed by staging (scenography) or gross in the current attributes.

The artists and their body can be either in perfect communion or in complete desincarnation.
A universe within which the spiral is present and where the movements are often very angular.

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