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Choreographic show(entertainment) within the framework of the suburb of the creators in Strasbourg:
- October 03rd, 2015.

Mysterious, aquatic and poetic...
Live the night poetry...

Animal- Humanity:

The impression of the Flesh.

Compagnie Deux Scènes en Corps The history of earth is engraved in stone.
The multitude of creatures that have succeeded each other on the planet have left their traces, those of their past lives.

The creation "The impression of the Flesh " questioned these imprints trails of the past, the present, but also of our future.

A show(entertainment) multidisciplinary mixing(involving) the choreographic movement, the danced circus and the air dance.
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Transportable show in all other places like the street (in town), parks, and garden, museum ...
The duration of the show is 45 minutes for the original release but a shorter version has been studied for urban spaces.

 L'empreinte de la chair CiE

Residence of work and creation au PréO.

Two representations every public scheduled(programmed) on April 30th, 2014 in PréO To Oberhausbergen (15h00 and 20H30). Two representations young audience on May 12th and 13th, 2014 in the school frame(executive) To Hochfelden.

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The Footprint.

Compagnie Deux Scènes en Corps1st work of realization (young audience) of the future show(entertainment) above The imprint of the flesh. >>> Show more

 L'empreinte... 20         Compagnie Deux Scènes en CorpsCompagnie Deux Scènes en CorpsCompagnie Deux Scènes en CorpsL'empreinte... 21Compagnie Deux Scènes en Corps

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Other Present Creations

 We always create and recreate the same things ...
Only different trajectories and different personalized interpretations work to allow us to discover other angles,other perceptions of the mind. Multiple viewing platforms are gradually introduced.
The action and the stage moving in different places to put the public at the heart of the show, looking for interaction and participation with the former.

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Foreword to the show.An unknown landscape is emerging before us,a vast building site in Distress. A physical environment, which strangely resembles a city ...
It is the weight of the memories that created this universe without over- below, this space distended, suspended, arc boute ...

Anachronie Du temps 22Anachronie du temps 21Anachronie Du temps 23Anachronie Du temps 25Anachronie Du temps 24 Anachronie Du temps 27Anachronie Du temps 28   Anachronie Du temps 26Anachronie du temps 20

The proposed duration of the show is 45 minutes for the original release but a shorter versiont has been studied/considered for the urban space.

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